Car Radiators Minneapolis, MN

Buying a new radiator can be expensive. Get a used radiator from Highway 101 Auto Salvage and you’ll know your getting a quality part. Unlike at other used parts suppliers, at Highway 101 Auto Salvage you’ll find that we’re concerned about quality. For you, that means any radiator you purchase will have passed our extensive used parts inspection, and may be covered under our 60 day warranty.

Shop our wide selection of radiators for foreign or domestic:


Search for radiators with our convenient online auto parts inventory. If you don’t find what you’re looking for, call Highway 101 Auto Salvage at 952-445-7020.

Car Fuel Pumps Minneapolis, MN

Don’t waste your hard-earned money on a new fuel pump, when you can buy a used one for a fraction of the cost. Fuel pumps have to meet performance specifications whether they are new or used. Contrary to common belief, used fuel pumps can perform just as efficiently and effectively as new.

Quality fuel pumps that save you money:

Fuel Pump

Use our online auto parts inventory to search for the fuel pumps and more. If you’re unable to find a match then just call Highway 101 Auto Salvage at 952-445-7020 and we’ll see how we can help.